ConnectWise ScreenConnect™ extensions & integrations

Customize your remote access and support with additional features and functionality

Most popular extensions

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Remote system diagnostics

Provide additional diagnostic information about each remote machine on the Host page.

Command toolbox

Add a Toolbox to the right-click menu from where configurable commands can be sent to remote machines.

Report manager

Build and manage downloadable reports (5.5+ required). Email CSV-formatted reports from within the extension and store default email to address.

Guest session starter

Allow guests to create and join sessions themselves.

Guest download assistant

Displays an animated 'click the downloaded file' arrow that points to the downloaded client on the guest page. The download arrow animation is only presented to unauthenticated guest users in Chrome or Firefox.

Desktop notifications

Enable desktop notifications for these Host page events: support session received unacknowledged chat message, access session received unacknowledged chat message, support session created, support guest connected, and meeting guest connected.


Offline machine notifications

Get notified when a machine has been offline for longer than a predetermined length of time.

Auto respond to messages

Automatically respond to any message sent to a session when no Host is connected.

Guest initiated chat

Give Guests the ability to send messages to Hosts without joining a session first.

Note on desktop

Leave a persistent, configurable message on the Guest's desktop on demand.

ConnectWise labs


Allow users to quickly launch sessions from their Windows taskbar.

Guest full installer builder

Provde the full Build INstaller dialog on the guest page without login.

Quick group creator

Group your sessions based on 'Organization' or other customer properties, and create multiple session groups at once.

Security Toolkit

Security Toolkit

The Security Toolkit adds a set of security tools for a ConnectWise ScreenConnect instance or installation.



Say "bonjour!" to your French-language users of ConnectWise ScreenConnect with this translation extension.


Say "hola!" to your Spanish-language users of ConnectWise ScreenConnect with this translation extension.

Dutch (Netherlands)

Say "hallo!" to your Dutch-language instance of ConnectWise ScreenConnect with this translation extension.