ConnectWise ScreenConnect

Remote Desktop Software for State and Local Government

Efficiently Manage Critical Infrastructure for Government Agencies

ConnectWise ScreenConnect creates value for State and Local Government by making it effecent and cost effective to manage critical IT infrastructure. By providing a secure, multi-platform, and flexible remote access and support solution that improves productivity, ConnectWise ScreenConnect simplifies IT management remote support.

Benefits of ConnectWise ScreenConnect for government

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Efficient Problem Resolution

With ConnectWise ScreenConnect, IT teams can remotely access and control devices, reducing the need for in-person visits and reducing downtime, enabling government agencies to operate more efficiently.

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Enhanced Security

ConnectWise ScreenConnect offers advanced security features such as multi-factor authentication, session recording, and granular access controls.  This helps IT teams maintain the security and integrity of government data and infrastructure.

Simplified Management

ConnectWise ScreenConnect offers a centralized management interface that allows IT teams to manage devices, users, and sessions from a single location, reducing the risk of errors and inconsistency. 

Cost Savings

ConnectWise ScreenConnect is a cost-effective solution that offers flexible licensing options, including perpetual and subscription-based licenses. This enables government agencies to save money on IT support costs.

“ConnectWise ScreenConnect is the easiest way to connect with our customers. It is simple to use and allows for multiple sets of eyes to look in and help.”

Anthony Osuna, Sales Manager

Top ConnectWise ScreenConnect features for government

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Remote diagnostics

Add on the Remote Diagnostic Toolkit, a premium extension for ConnectWise ScreenConnect, and gain even more control over your support environment. The toolkit adds additional tabs to help you view and manage processes, software, event logs, and services on a remote device. In addition, the Remote Diagnostic Toolkit adds five new tabs to the Host page for support and access sessions: Processes, Software, Event Log, Services, and Updates.

Higher value

No one likes to lose time to tech snafus – and certainly not government workers. Use ConnectWise ScreenConnect to access endpoints and resolve customer issues without ever taking time out of employees’ days. When you reduce downtime for your government customers, you’ll raise the bar for remote support.

Advanced reporting

Creating valuable reports doesn’t have to be a time-consuming slog. ConnectWise ScreenConnect Access makes creating easy-to-read reports easy as pie. You can effortlessly create clear, concise reports with actionable data that provides a holistic view of technician activity and key business metrics.

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