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Now that distributed workforces are the norm, you can’t drive from office to office to troubleshoot tech problems. But you can offer remote support to customers with remote workers, and help businesses keep productivity high. With ConnectWise ScreenConnect Support, help is just a click away, no matter where workers are in the world.

Benefits for help desk

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Instant connectivity

Forget the long waits for in-person support, and the hours and minutes ticking as productivity tanks. You can save the day in just a few seconds from your desktop, or your Android, iOS, or Windows device, from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Securely connect to any managed endpoint, resolve issues, and get out so your clients can get back to work fast.

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Flexible plans

Choose plans that meet your business needs – and if your needs change, ScreenConnect Support will change with you. Billing is by concurrent user, so ScreenConnect Support works for teams large and small. Start out with just the features you need, and nothing you don’t need. When your business grows, just add more features. It’s that easy. Just looking for unattended access agents? We’ve got you covered.

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Secure access

Your customers trust you to keep their businesses safe from cyberthreats. ScreenConnect Support gives you the whole nine yards when it comes to security – everything from multiple authentication methods to premium reporting capabilities. With out-of-the-box functionality like AES-256 encryption, keep confident that your remote access is guarded by world-class security features that scale with your needs.

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“ConnectWise ScreenConnect is particularly suited for supporting a distributed workforce...When multiple technicians are supporting a distributed workforce, it's convenient to have notes tied to the laptop instead of the ticket.”

Kevin Ritchey, Managing Member

Top features for help desks

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Go ahead, make ScreenConnect Support work the way you want it to. Your help desk has unique ways of operating, and you’ll have the freedom to work in ways that are best for your business. Nearly every option on the host page, host client, and guest client can be fully configured and customized, from allowing auto consent by session type down to the number of characters returned for commands.

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No need to worry about which device, operating system, or browser you’ll encounter in your help desk business. ConnectWise ScreenConnect is compatible with Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, Linux/Unix/*nix operating systems, and nearly every major browser – which means it’ll be that much easier to provide remote support. Support your clients’ Android devices or use your own Android or iOS mobile device to provide support from anywhere, on campus or off.

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ConnectWise ScreenConnect Support isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s customizable for your business, so you can show off your brand at every interaction. Welcome customers into your white-label support portal, choose your icons, and design your theme. Seamlessly embed ConnectWise ScreenConnect into your website using an iframe, and personalize the guest and client pages with your business’s logo, brand colors, and more.

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