ConnectWise ScreenConnect™ Support integrations

Supercharge your remote support experience

With a library housing 100+ integrations and extensions, you can truly make ScreenConnect Support your own. Pair this remote support solution with popular solutions and equip it to perform additional tasks to save you time, money, and headaches. Everything you need to get any job done well is here.

Acronis logo

Backup made easy

Deliver remote cyber protection is a fast, reliable, and secure way. The Acronis integration offers you ease of use to simultaneously expand your service capabilities while decreasing the complexity, cost, and security concerns your clients face.

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The ConnectWise PSA logo

Better business management

The ConnectWise Manage integration lets you launch a remote support session from inside a ConnectWise Manage ticket. Once the session is complete, all session details are logged in the ticket, providing easy, centralized access to your important data.

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Freshdesk logo

Streamline ticketing

The Freshdesk integration lets agents create and join remote sessions inside Freshdesk tickets. After the session is complete, ScreenConnect sends session details back to the Freshdesk ticket for easy review and auditing.

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Solarwinds passportal logo

Secure unattended access

Resolve tickets faster with secure access to credentials and passwords via the Passport Ocular™ platform. The Passportal integration automatically authenticates remote support sessions. Once complete, session data is logged and reported in the Passportal Ocular dashboard.

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zendesk logo

Resolve tech issues faster

Deliver exceptional customer experiences and close Zendesk tickets faster with this integration. Instantly gain remote access to a client's machine from the Zendesk ticket sidebar. Notes, chat history, timestamps, and more are automatically saved in the Zendesk ticket.

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ScreenConnect Support extensions

Customize your installations by layering on additional features like the ones below (and a whole lot more).

toolbox icon

Command toolbox

Want your commands at your fingertips? The Command Toolbox extension makes your configurable commands accessible from the right-click menu, so you can send them to guest machines with ease.

customer service icon

Quick support SOS

The Quick Support SOS extension lets technicians create executables that can be placed on a guest’s desktop. The guest can then run the executable to report a problem and create a connection at any time, allowing technicians to respond to issues faster.

network discovery icon

Offline machine notifications

Need to know when a machine is offline? The Offline Machine Notifications extension will automatically notify you when a machine has been disconnected for a specific amount of time so you can get the machine back online in no time.

2 way sync icon

Guest Session Starter

Adds a small panel on the Guest page for a guest initiate a support session.

An icon of a chat box

Auto Respond to Message

Automatically reply to a guest's chat message in case a host is not available to chat.

options icon

Tech Roll Call

Displays a list of technicians or hosts that have recently accessed your instance.

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