Transforming feedback into action: Leverage the power of the ConnectWise ScreenConnect and SmileBack integration

| By:
Ciaran Chu

In the whirlwind digital transformation era, IT solution providers (TSPs) and internal IT teams find themselves at the crossroads of innovation. As the embrace of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) deepens, truly grasping the user's perspective emerges as the key differentiator. Aligning with end user needs and extracting genuine insights is not merely beneficial—it's essential for delivering an exceptional customer experience.

We're excited to announce the seamless integration of ConnectWise ScreenConnectTM with SmileBackTM, a ConnectWise solution. This integration isn't just about connecting two solutions; it's about creating a cohesive IT ecosystem that resonates with the dynamic needs of today's businesses. Streamlining processes, enhancing user experiences, and optimizing IT workflows, this integration is set to redefine the IT landscape for managed solution providers (MSPs) and internal IT teams.

Exploring the Solution

Seamless sentiment aggregation: Bridging the feedback gap 

The ScreenConnect and SmileBack integration is a testament to our dedication to ensuring every customer is heard and valued. Whether you're part of an MSP or leading an internal IT team, this synergy streamlines feedback collection and harnesses it for deeper insights into customer experiences, ultimately enhancing your value to customers and facilitating continuous workforce improvement. One-click surveys, a feature of SmileBack, simplify feedback gathering after every ScreenConnect session, turning what was once a task into a strategic power move. 

Timely dissatisfaction resolution: Nurturing stronger relationships 

Every piece of feedback is instrumental in refining your service offerings. With our integration, we emphasize the importance of real-time dissatisfaction detection, allowing your team to react swiftly and mitigate potential escalations. 

The real-time dashboards not only keep you informed but also aid in shaping actionable strategies from the feedback received. Addressing concerns promptly not only rectifies issues—it fosters trust—which is foundational for lasting partnerships. 

Automated feedback mechanism: Consistent and accurate insights 

In an age defined by immediacy, waiting isn’t just undesirable, it's obsolete. After each engagement, surveys roll out immediately, ensuring feedback is consistent, prompt, and accurately reflects the user’s immediate experience. Furthermore, the automated actions feature of SmileBack streamlines workflows, offering timely responses and enhancing service efficiency. 

Harnessing a data-driven experience with SmileBack 

The SmileBack integration signifies a leap toward a more data-driven approach in understanding and catering to customer sentiment. With features like one-click surveys and real-time dashboards, SmileBack doesn't just streamline the feedback process, it transforms raw data into actionable insights. This synergy with ScreenConnect ensures that feedback isn't merely collected, but it's also analyzed and leveraged for continuous improvement. By adopting this data-centric approach, businesses can make more informed decisions, foster deeper customer connections, and drive lasting loyalty. 


Feedback is the cornerstone of improvement, whether you're an MSP aiming to provide the best to your clients or an internal IT team striving to uplift the user experience. The ConnectWise ScreenConnect and SmileBack integration is your passport to a more attuned, responsive, and user-centric IT service.  

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Get ready to create unparalleled user experiences. 

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