How to make customization easy with ConnectWise ScreenConnect™

| By:
Anna Morgan

The look and feel of your IT solution is key to building your brand and credibility. With ConnectWise ScreenConnect, customizing names, colors, logos, and icons to make your applications look and function as you need becomes simple. This year, we updated the appearance tab, adding new ways for you to sort, filter, and search settings, giving you fast and flexible customization at your fingertips.

Play with the visual theme

The visual theme powers the look and feel of the ScreenConnect web interface. These themes dictate the primary and secondary colors, row colors, navigation and master panel colors, and more. With the visual theme function, you can choose one of our pre-built templates or create your own theme to incorporate company colors.

Change thousands of resource strings

Resources control the ScreenConnect web interface and client application text strings, logos, icons, and more. This year, we’ve focused on reorganizing the appearance page to make resource strings easier to find. You can now quickly locate elements using sort, filter and search options. Administrators can also edit these resources to give their instance a personal touch.

Sort elements to quickly locate

First, you can scan through sorted resources to find a setting. Sorting by popularity is a good way to gain insight into some of the common changes made by our other partners. On the other hand, if you have an idea of the name of the resource or just want to see what’s available, sort alphabetically A to Z or the reverse Z to A.

Filter settings to categorize

Next, the filter option classifies resources by state, type, or location.

Under the state filter, select the customized button to see which elements have previously been modified. To find additional settings to change, select the not customized option instead. Elements that have yet to be changed represent an untapped opportunity to promote your business.

Next, to quickly find and modify images and text elements, select the filter type. This filters for all images, such as logos and icons, and text, including messages or titles. Edit a setting to update an image or message to better represent your brand.

Lastly, filter by location, which specifies if the resource is housed in the web interface or client application.

A change to a web resource will display on your host or guest page. To improve your company’s first impression, upload a new background image and add a personalized message to your guest page. This will serve as your homepage and the first introduction a customer will have to your business.

You can also change a client resource that will be visible on the host or guest client. To drive credibility, add a company logo along with a customer testimonial that displays when the guest monitor is blank. Another idea is at the conclusion of a support session, display a custom feedback form. You can use this survey to gather feedback and improve customer service.

Search resources to pinpoint

Finally, you can opt to search the filtered data to narrow the results even further. Otherwise, if you know the name of the setting, you don’t need to filter. Instead, type the term into the search box to look through all resources. When it comes to stylizing your portal, the sky’s the limit. 

In January 2023, we added new ways to sort, filter, and search the settings on the appearance page. This upgrade will help our partners to locate and change settings in the web interface and client application. With ScreenConnect, you will have full control of the extensive customization and integration capabilities to create a remote support experience that you can call your own. Customizing your instance is a quick, easy way to build brand recognition and keep your customers coming back.