ConnectWise ScreenConnect Support: Remote Unattended Access

Service any device, day or night

Unattended access with ScreenConnect Support is fast, secure, and reliable. When your end users are away, you can still provide complete service and support via access agents for persistent connections to any unattended machine—anywhere in the world.

Unattended access features

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Access agent installer

Install an unattended access agent onto the desktop, laptop, mobile device, or server you want to support by building an access agent installer. Assuming the machine has internet connectivity, ConnectWise ScreenConnect Support will have you in.

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Instant file transfer

Share files and folders with your customers and within your own internal teams. Move anything with simple copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop functionality.

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Role-based security

Group users or devices into roles for security purposes. Each role can be defined with specific granular permissions to allow varied access to client machines (e.g., access to only Level 3 techs, or only access to machines in the sales department).

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Consents and alerts

Keep your end users aware while you perform background maintenance on their machines. Alert users when routine work is being done and request consent to access during work hours if their presence is unknown.

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Shared toolboxes

Leverage a powerful toolbox folder for storing documentation and running small scripts and executables on remote machines—during remote sessions—for every team member to share. 

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“I love ConnectWise ScreenConnect because it’s quick and easy to use. It saves so much time, as soon as you click on an agent, boom, there’s your session and you’re ready to go.”

Tasha Forsman, IS LAN Support Specialist, Ramsey County