Prevent tech support scams

Education is the key to recognizing the warning signs

Share these resources with your customers, friends, and family to help keep them safe and spread awareness about this industry-wide issue.

Understanding Tech Support Scams

Take it from a technology professional–the practices of tech scammers are easy to spot if you know the red flags to look for. This short video walks through each step of a tech scam.

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RMM Definition

Top 4 tech scam tactics

Breaking down common tech scams into recognizable warning signs, this document explains–start to finish–what to look for to recognize whether or not the support session is legitimate.


How to spot tech scam red flags

See examples of fake security messages, how Caller ID can be manipulated, and more, in this helpful infographic that details the tactics scam artists will use to trick people into starting unnecessary support sessions.

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Report Suspicious Use of Remote Support Software

If you have encountered someone you think is using ConnectWise ScreenConnect for malicious purposes, please report it to our team.