Reasons why you should choose cloud-based remote support services

| By: Jeff Bishop

There are a variety of reasons moving to the cloud could be right for your business (we covered a few in this article). If you’re hesitant about stepping away from your self-hosted remote support software, here are a few more things you should consider.

Disaster recovery

Upkeep and maintenance is time-consuming and costly. And when outages happen, your team is left with the responsibility of sorting out the issue, fixing it, and getting systems back on track before your customers notice there’s an issue. One of the advantages of remote access in the cloud is that the responsibility of managing and rectifying downtime is on the vendor—not you.

Remote workforce

Last year, we experienced a devastating hurricane season with Harvey and Irma shredding the coastlines of Texas and Florida. If you live and work in a region prone to inclement weather, browser-based remote desktop tools can offer a way to relocate to safety while still maintaining business as usual, should that be necessary.

Environment handoff

You may have one person who’s historically managed all things related to your self-hosted environment. With cloud-based tools, you don’t have to dread the day that person moves on and you’re left trying to figure out the nuances of maintaining your system. Creating a succession plan that includes who will manage your on-premise environment would be wise—or you can make things easier for yourself by opting for the cloud.

ConnectWise ScreenConnect in the cloud

All the major reasons to migrate to the cloud sound beneficial in theory. But what’s the process like for making it a reality? Horror stories about migrations gone wrong fill IT forums in all corners of the internet. But don’t let those fill you with dread.

Migrating your on-prem instance of ConnectWise ScreenConnect® isn’t a daunting process at all—and we stand by that. It’s built to allow multiple agents on a single device which means you can make the switch gradually to ensure your data transfers successfully. Forgot something? No problem. We can give you a temporary license to bridge between your cloud account and your on-prem environment so you can retrieve anything left behind.

Cloud migration made easy

Start this painless process by enabling the Migrate to ScreenConnect Cloud extension. It lets partners run cloud agents concurrently while you decommission your on-prem installation so you won’t miss a beat. Once installed, follow the detailed instructions to get your migration underway.

Keep tabs on cloud uptime

Transparency between the cloud vendor and the partner is key. Check on our server status by region to get information about scheduled maintenance and updates related to the cloud.

Ready to make the move?

We’re here to help. Give us a call at 800-671-6898 or send an email to to jump start this process, talk prices, and get your additional questions answered.