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Why Reboot Networks replaced LogMeIn with ConnectWise ScreenConnectâ„¢

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“Being part of the ConnectWise community, for me, means being part of a group that is very forward-thinking, puts service first, and that is interested in helping each other improve.”

– Dan Dickenson, CEO of Reboot Networks

Reboot Networks wanted to find a more affordable remote-control tool when LogMeIn changed their licensing model.
ScreenConnect provided a more affordable licensing model along with the benefit of deep integration with other ConnectWise products.
In addition to getting a more affordable and feature-rich remote IT support tool, Reboot Networks gained the continued support of The IT Nation community.

“The biggest benefits we see from ScreenConnect are speed, simplicity, and the right feature set.”

– Dan Dickenson, CEO of Reboot Networks

Competitive Replacement: ScreenConnect for LogMeIn 

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Reboot Networks is a multi-location MSP. As such, the company relies on remote IT support tools to deliver ongoing services to clients.

While remote tools are coming into vogue amid the COVID-19 global pandemic and the push for more remote work opportunities, Reboot Networks has been using remote IT support technology for years. Southern California’s notoriously heavy traffic and dangerous wildfires make remote access a necessity.

In response to LogMeIn licensing model changes, Reboot Networks started searching for a more affordable replacement. “ScreenConnect caught our attention because of its feature set and focus on serving managed service providers,” explains Dan Dickenson, CEO of Reboot Networks.

A Painless Transition 

“Our implementation experience was easy. The most difficult piece was accessing each workstation to change out the agent, but the mature, built-in automation made the transition relatively painless,” recalls Dickenson.

In addition to an easy transition, Reboot Networks was able to accomplish many of the other objectives it set out to achieve, which included moving to a more cost-effective licensing model.

“The biggest benefits we see are speed, simplicity, and the right feature set. End users and techs alike enjoy a faster experience, it’s easy to use, and it has more of the capabilities we need and less of the ones we don’t. That’s why we settled on ScreenConnect versus some of the other products out there,” says Dickenson.

A Community Dedicated to MSP Success 

“One of the greatest things about ScreenConnect for our business is that it’s priced appropriately. We like the concurrent licensing model. It’s competitive while giving us the feature set we need,” says Dickenson.

When choosing a technology partner, the buying decision rarely rests on pricing alone. While it certainly plays a factor, there’s much more to consider. For Reboot Networks, that ‘more’ included deep integration, a supportive community, and dedicated experts eager to lend a helping hand.

“We’ve been using ConnectWise for a long time, and we’re fortunate to have gotten to know a lot of people who are still on the team and have climbed through the ranks. We’ve always had a really positive relationship with the ConnectWise team,” explains Dickenson.

Ultimately, choosing ScreenConnect for remote IT support was easy for Reboot Networks because of everything else attached: the ConnectWise PSA integration, The IT Nation community, and a team of veteran product support colleagues dedicated to helping MSPs thrive.

“Being part of the ConnectWise community, for me, means being part of a group that is very forward-thinking, puts service first, and that is interested in helping each other improve,” concludes Dickenson..

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