Why top MSPs use a professional remote support solution

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Topher Barrow

As techs and customers alike work remotely, resolving service requests is becoming more complicated. What could be solved with a quick site visit last year might now require 15 emails, three Zoom chats, and a series of frantic text messages. Privacy and clear communication need to be a priority for MSPs aiming to deliver smooth service experiences during and beyond COVID-19.

From onboarding new employees to onboarding new clients, it’s important to find ways to provide remote assistance. A remote viewing solution like ConnectWise View™ empowers MSPs like you to securely live stream with customers.

A remote-viewing tool designed for IT service delivery lets techs use the camera on an end user’s mobile device to view physical environments virtually. This capability is extremely beneficial in a remote work situation because the technician can see what the end user is struggling with in real-time.

3 reasons to use a remote support tool

A remote viewing tool that integrates with your remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool can help you seamlessly collect technical information and provide guidance while securely documenting all the work you do.

Here are three ways your managed services practice can use remote-viewing technology to improve service delivery.

1. Get visual feedback

You’ve probably dealt with it before—the flustered customer who can’t quite explain the issue they’re having. Perhaps they’re confused, don’t know the proper terminology, or are distressed that they’ll break something, lose their data, or somehow make the problem worse if they tinker with anything on their own. When a phone call just won’t cut it, ConnectWise View enables your customers to easily provide visual details that direct you to the problem at hand. While your customers step into your shoes as you assess and respond to their IT problems, you can reinforce their confidence in your expertise. Helping customers feel empowered and knowledgeable about an issue while offering valuable solutions improves their likelihood of returning to you for advice in the future.

2. Protect privacy and security

With physical and virtual safety concerns on the rise due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the proliferation of ransomware, and a slew of natural disasters, delivering IT services has become more complicated.

To protect privacy while keeping systems secure, MSPs are turning to remote support solutions. This capability empowers technicians to run technical health checks and perform repairs without going on-site or intruding on someone’s personal space.

While you could use a social media application to view a client’s physical environment remotely, a professional tool like ConnectWise View provides the same capabilities while also enabling you to take and store screenshots.

3. Improve technician onboarding

Getting new employees fully acclimated to your environment takes time. Doing so remotely and without putting anyone at risk can take even longer. The inability to meet face-to-face in person adds new hurdles to the tech onboarding process. While standard operating procedures (SOPs), documentation solutions, and RMM tools help, they’re not equipped to support hands-on work.

To help new techs working remotely feel more engaged in their onboarding process, consider including remote viewing options for one-on-one coaching that’s just a click away.

7 things to look for when selecting a remote support tool

Every remote support solution comes with unique strengths and weaknesses. When evaluating options for supporting clients with on-site hardware issues, look for these seven live video or video chat capabilities:

1. Browser-enabled connections – These connections are as quick and easy as sending a text, without the need for the end user to install any programs or a mobile app.

2. Issue resolution – See what the client sees and remotely walk them through issues effectively by using the camera on their mobile device.

3. Security that builds trust – Live stream video sessions remotely without sharing your technician's mobile number.

4. Record keeping – Keep records of live stream sessions with snapshots stored within your remote-control solution for later reference.

5. Employee training resources – Easily provide practical training for junior field techs to allow senior engineers more time to focus on complex projects.

6. Ease of access – Remove the need for app downloads by choosing a viewing solution that uses the default browser on your end user’s mobile device.

7. Integration – To maximize efficiency, pick a remote viewing tool that already integrates with your existing business platforms.

Try secure and easy remote support from ConnectWise

Through browser-enabled, live streaming, ConnectWise View is a premium extension in ConnectWise Control® and ConnectWise Automate® that connects technicians and their end users in real-time. If you’re ready to improve IT service delivery while reducing frustrations for clients and techs alike, learn how ConnectWise View can help.