Stay in-the-know with ConnectWise Control at IT Nation Explore

| By: Jeff Bishop

What’s your favorite way to get started on a new challenge? Are you a dive in and get your hands dirty kind of person? Do you prefer to watch and learn? Are you someone who seeks out the experts? When it comes to learning new skills, there’s really no wrong way to go about it as long as you come out on the other side knowing what to do.

Learning new software is much the same. You can try it out and learn as you go. You can watch a demo. You can venture into the many online forums to consult others. Ultimately, how you go about understanding the functionality is up to you.

Whether you’re just diving into ConnectWise Control® for the first time, or you’ve been using it since the ScreenConnect days, we’ve got something for every type of learner when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of this solution.

Let’s review some of our favorite ways you can get up to speed and stay in-the-know.

Live training

Come see us at Automation Nation!

Did you know the ConnectWise Control team will be at Automation Nation this year? In our advanced techniques lab, we’ll show users how to unlock its full power to maximize service delivery. All you’ll need in this hands-on learning opportunity is your laptop. We hope to see you there.

ConnectWise Control Partner Innovation Network

As a member of the ConnectWise Control Partner Innovation Network (PIN) you’ll get early previews of new features, the ability to weigh-in on what the team is working on, and an exclusive Slack channel to exchange ideas with other PIN members and ConnectWise Control colleagues. You can also sign up to receive early access to Android and iOS mobile app Betas. Sign up here.

Documentation articles

There’s a documentation article for every new update, extension, integration, and feature. We love documentation articles. We love them so much, we have 350 of them–and counting! All the step-by-step guidance for doing virtually anything within the solution is right there in a nice orderly list, complete with screenshots (and sometimes videos, too). No tip is too granular. The answers to your burning questions are all here.

Video library

For our visual learners, we have a fully stocked video library that currently contains over 50 recordings that cover everything from building your first access installer to new release overviews and everything in between. Organized into topic-based playlists, you can find a video for a specific function or leave it on auto-play. We’re constantly adding new video content, so be sure to check back on a regular basis.

Social media

We post tailored content on our social media platforms throughout the week. On Facebook you’ll find helpful tool tips for users and updates about ConnectWise Control. Find us on LinkedIn for remote support thought leadership and product usage information that’ll help you deliver better customer experiences. Jump into the conversation on Reddit or join us on Spiceworks for fun, pop-culture inspired content and product news.

Whatever your methodology for learning new software, we hope you’ll find take advantage of these resources. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’re here to help! Just send a message to