Tech Talk with ConnectWise: new host client redesign

| By:
Kat Palacios

The ConnectWise Control® team is excited to debut the new host client! We hope you’ll be over the moon with the changes we’ve made.

To redesign the host client, we iterated between different designs, splitting the menus into their basic parts and then reassembling them into large, clickable tiles. Next, we rearranged the tiles horizontally and organized them by feature. If multiple tiles are related, we group them together. We’ve also added bright highlight color for selected tiles and toggles. Plus, menus will take up less screen real estate, allowing hosts to see more of the remote device they’re supporting.

No guesswork here...

According to Mehmet Gokturk on behalf of the Interaction Design Foundation, “Fitts’s Law is basically an empirical model explaining speed-accuracy tradeoff characteristics of human muscle movement…”

Fitts’s Law takes into account human motor function and other related human-computer interaction theories, producing three core considerations for an ideal UI/UX design: the time it takes to move to a target; the distance between the starting position and the center of the target; and the width of the target.

We looked at all of these and used this method to create easier and faster ways to find and click menu items in the new host client.

We want your input

We don’t exclusively seek out the expertise of UI/UX theorists—we want your input too. The Partner Innovation Network (PIN) was created so that ConnectWise partners can have their voices heard in all things product. You’ll get early previews of new features and updates, and the ability to weigh-in on what the team is working on. Fill out this quick application if you want to become a PIN member.

Of course, the easiest way to talk with our team is by joining us on social media and in our partner forum. You’ll also find us on Reddit and in the Spiceworks forums too. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in these channels, we’re just an email away: