Extension spotlight: Freshdesk

| By: Jeff Bishop

We’re excited to share our selection for this month’s extension spotlight! This is no easy task, since ConnectWise Control’s extension library contains more than 90 third-party extension options, with more being added every day. But we managed to do it!

Drumroll, please…

Allow us to familiarize you with Freshdesk. Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that empowers businesses of any size to provide outstanding customer service. And did we mention it’s a market segment exclusive?

When you pair Freshdesk with ConnectWise Contro®l, the result is a seamless integration that feels like you’re giving your support team superpowers. Users can easily invite customers to join ConnectWise Control sessions from Freshdesk tickets, resting assured that all notes, session event info, and captured video will be associated with the Freshdesk ticket.

Ready to solve your customers’ problems more effectively? Of course you are! To learn more about this month’s extension spotlight product, check out the notes on the Freshdesk Extension.