5 steps to elevate cybersecurity with ConnectWise Access Management, a standalone PAM solution

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Cristina Mateescu

The cybersecurity landscape is unforgiving. Breaches are on the rise, costs are soaring (think $4.5 million!), and traditional defenses are often like Swiss cheese—full of holes. That’s where privileged access management (PAM) comes in, offering an ironclad shield to protect your most critical systems.

But what if you need a PAM solution that’s powerful yet refreshingly simple? Great news! ConnectWise Access ManagementTM is now offered as a standalone PAM solution. No more wrestling with integrations, just robust security that seamlessly bolsters your existing workflow.

Standalone PAM makes your security airtight

Unlike traditional PAM solutions that can leave your existing tech full of gaps and vulnerabilities, ConnectWise Access Management is a breath of fresh air. Designed for versatility, it integrates effortlessly with your current remote support and RMM environment. This means you can add a powerful layer of security without needing a complete overhaul. Your team can keep working efficiently with their familiar workflows, with the added benefit of airtight protection. So, what makes ConnectWise Access Management both simple and secure?

Enter the secret weapon: least privilege access control. Traditional security often grants users more permissions than they need, creating a vast network of access points—a security nightmare. Access Management operates on a different wavelength. It enforces the principle of least privilege, ensuring users only have the minimum access required to perform their tasks. This tactical approach doesn’t just mitigate risks; it empowers IT teams to navigate their responsibilities with precision, ensuring the integrity of your environment remains safeguarded.

Consider this scenario: a technician requires access to reset a password. With Access Management, they aren’t granted permanent admin rights. Instead, they receive temporary, ephemeral access specifically for that task. This proactive approach not only minimizes risks but also empowers your IT team to operate efficiently, all while safeguarding your critical systems.

5 steps to enhance your cybersecurity posture with ConnectWise Access Management

Step 1: Streamline privilege control

Stop sharing passwords and embrace the precision of ConnectWise Access Management. This foundational shift towards proactive defense significantly reduces the risks associated with shared credentials. By simplifying the challenges of access management, our solution provides top-tier protection and integrates seamlessly into your operational framework, enhancing productivity. It's a solution that redefines cybersecurity efficiency, ensuring that your network is defended without sacrificing user experience or complicating your IT ecosystem.

Step 2: Increase technician productivity and security

Empower your IT team with the tools they need to peak efficiency. ConnectWise Access Management enhances productivity through streamlined credential less logins and efficient elevation request management, all while maintaining robust security controls. This step ensures that your technicians can focus on keeping your systems running smoothly and securely, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational effectiveness.

Step 3: Maintain simplicity and flexibility

ConnectWise Access Management offers standalone simplicity while providing the flexibility to integrate seamlessly with your existing ConnectWise tech stack. With separate licensing options available, you have the freedom to tailor your security solution to your specific needs. Whether you choose to deploy it independently or integrate it into your ecosystem, ConnectWise Access Management ensures a cohesive and fortified security approach.

Step 4: Empower end users without compromising security

Striking the right balance between tight security protocols and user autonomy, ConnectWise Access Management streamlines user account control (UAC) by enforcing least-privilege access. This ensures that users maintain productivity without unnecessary admin rights, significantly reducing potential security breaches. Our solution also automates approval workflows for access and elevation, expediting processes and enhancing the user experience while ensuring compliance and readiness for cyber insurance.

Step 5: Ensure seamless integration and adaptability

ConnectWise Access Management stands out as a flexible solution that seamlessly adapts to your operational needs. Compatible with a broad array of tools and services, including ConnectWise ScreenConnectTM, for uninterrupted operations and remote support, it integrates smoothly into your IT processes. From there, it extends its reach to other vital services —from VirusTotal for threat detection to RMM policies for endpoint security—our platform adapts to your needs. Our solution smoothly adapts to your operational needs, whether it's streamlining service desk tasks with ConnectWise PSA™ or managing requests on the go with Slack and Microsoft Teams.

This adaptability ensures that, whether standalone or integrated, ConnectWise Access Management is synonymous with enhanced security and streamlined IT management.

Moving forward with ConnectWise Access Management

As we pave the way forward, ConnectWise Access Management is not just a product—it’s a promise to deliver security that aligns with the evolving needs of your organization and to  offer solutions that are as flexible as they are robust. With ConnectWise Access Management, step into a future where cybersecurity is no longer a hurdle but a stepping stone to greater operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

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