Q1 2019 ConnectWise Control remote support updates

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Dee Cater

ConnectWise Control’s product team is back with another action-packed product release offering more efficiency, organization, and much more. We’ll dive into the details, but first—have you tried ConnectWise Control®? Start a risk-free trial and for 14 days you can test drive all of these features and enhancements for free.

Look and feel

Have you seen the new host client? It’s been completely overhauled with new colors and menus that take less screen real estate, allowing hosts to see more of the remote device, and find menu items quicker.

ConnectWise Control 2019.0 also features General tab updates, including categorical organization of all the information hosts need to perform key actions.

As you may know, ConnectWise Control has a large extension library. Now, extensions are organized into two sensible groups: active and inactive, which can be collapsed or expanded. This way, admins can quickly tell which extensions are enabled or disabled in their instance.

Security enhancements

In the past, admins had to enable the two-factor authentication (2FA) field from the Appearance page, which we recognized can be a confusing and unnecessary step to secure the instance. Now, the 2FA user field is enabled by default when setting up the internal forms for users.

Simplification and efficiency

A more intuitive Join button has been added to the Start Tab on the session details panel to improve the workflow when creating and joining sessions. Additionally, we added a “join with suspended input” options for hosts on Mac and Linux. Now, hosts can join sessions with suspended input so they don’t disturb the end user on the remote device.

In previous versions, a host would have to remote into the device first and then switch logon sessions from the host client to join a Backstage or other logon session. To make this action easier, hosts can now right-click to join a logon session, including Backstage, directly from the host page. Bonus - hosts can also join sessions from the host page with suspended input.

New banner notifications provide more context about their sessions and the machines that they’re remoted into for easier and faster decision making. Now, notifications will alert that:

  • A UAC prompt might be open on the remote machine
  • Hosts on an older machine that requires you to send a Ctrl-Alt-Del command to log in
  • The session has stored credentials that you can send to the screen

Want to quickly drill down to see specific events in audit log reports? No sweat. Admins can now select a specific session event type when building an audit log query instead of having to manually comb through audit log reports to find specific event types.

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