ConnectWise Control 6.0 supports Windows 10 anniversary

| By: Jeff Bishop

ScreenConnect, now ConnectWise Control®, is software dedicated to making remote sessions fast and simple, eliminating wait time and maximizing your productivity. You can host remote meetings with colleagues and clients and access any of your devices at any time, giving you not only flexibility but the freedom to work whenever and wherever you need to.

If you’re no stranger to what ConnectWise Control can do—just wait! Our latest and greatest—ConnectWise Control 6.0—is out now for your viewing pleasure and we’re very excited about all the new features it brings.

We’ve switched up the interface to make it more intuitive and streamlined. We’ve added chat notifications. There’s nothing like leaving a customer hanging simply because you didn’t see their message! With the new feature, that won’t be a problem anymore. We’ve also introduced the new personal toolbox option for Mac and Linux hosts. Now, you can store self-contained executables or batch files and run them from the toolbox menu within a ConnectWise Control session. The personal toolbox is stored on your computer, providing access to your tools from inside ConnectWise Control, with no file transfers.

Now, upgrading is relatively simple. You can find the full details available on our website.

Building on the improved functionality in the latest enhancement, ConnectWise Control 6.0 delivers compatibility with the Windows® 10 Anniversary update, which means continued support for clients that have upgraded their Windows OS.

As an eligible on-premise partner, you’ll have the ability to upgrade your license to 6.0 for uninterrupted Windows 10 support. For cloud solution partners, the upgrade is included in your subscription.

Whether you’ve already upgraded to ConnectWise Control 6.0 or haven’t yet taken the plunge, we’re excited to share the new updates and additions you’ll find in the latest version. Questions about the 6.0 upgrade? Touch base with our support team.

Already a ConnectWise Control partner? Here are a few upgrade considerations for our on-premise partners:
  • If you are not on the 5.6 or 6.0 versions, you will need to upgrade your server to allow for Windows 10 Anniversary compatibility
  • You should check eligibility in the Status section of the Administration page
  • If you are ineligible, you can upgrade your license on our site. Once you renew your license, you can continue to keep moving forward with future versions of ConnectWise Control for 12 months.