How to build a top-notch remote workforce

| By:
Dee Cater

Remote workforces continue to grow and you can even say that the age of the remote workforce is not only upon us, but here. Many business have been, or are beginning to, operate with remote workforces that have either full or partial schedules away from the office.

The appeal is two-fold: businesses have more opportunity to acquire talent, regardless of their location, and individuals looking for more flexible schedules have that opportunity with the ability to telecommute. In short, this provides greater flexibility for both the business and the colleagues.

But building a healthy, functional remote workforce doesn’t come without challenges. What are the most telling questions to ask during the interview to find out if they’re a good fit? How do you keep remote colleagues engaged in company culture? Essentially, how do you ensure that your remote workforce is top notch? Let’s take a look at some of the key pillars.

  • Ensure you have the right talent - Finding the right talent for a remote workforce can be a huge challenge. The interview process should assist in identifying if they are a good fit for your company and a remote position. With the right expectations, responsibilities and training opportunities, this should set them up for success.
  • Align company culture - Help empower your remote workers by providing autonomy, opportunities to have fun, and encouraging open communication.
  • Foster effective communications - Communicating on a daily basis will assist in building relationships, moral, and a support network. To assist with efficiency, utilize and communicate shared processes and KPIs.
  • Invest in efficient technology - Empower your remote workforce with the technology they need to excel. Help your remote team by providing them with user-friendly tools and valuable resources to manage daily service delivery and communications, all with the convenience of a single vendor.

Building and maintaining a first-rate remote workforce doesn’t have to be rocket science. Remember to focus on these four basics to ensure success: procure and enlist the right talent, align company values, foster effective communication, and invest in advanced technology.

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