How IT solutions help educators

| By: Jeff Bishop

Educators already have a tough job, responsible for nurturing the next generation of luminaries and world-changers. Keeping the wheels turning relies on policies and practices that support collaboration and communication.

Thankfully, the education industry is largely made up of innovative thinkers who are always on the lookout for the next great solution. Communications technology has helped to address a lot of the industry’s collaborative needs, but most solutions still fall short.

A perfect solution delivers faster, more effective, simpler collaboration for education professionals...a solution like ConnectWise Control®.

What is ConnectWise Control?

ConnectWise Control improves collaboration by providing a lightning-fast connection and a powerful remote meeting solution. ConnectWise Control allows teams to not only talk to each other, but to view each other’s screens to share resources. Sharing resources as the team members interact with them encourages a stronger understanding during conversations and tightens the team bond.

Curriculum planning

ConnectWise Control's communication tools make long-term planning far more effective. Take, for example, curriculum development. Curriculum is often developed with input from geographically dispersed subject matter experts and education staff. ConnectWise Control allows administrators to communicate with teams in multiple locations, while showing shared materials. Administrators can also provide a comprehensive overview of an upcoming district-wide test, discussing specific answers while filling out the test, and soliciting feedback from experts during the discussion. ConnectWise Control provides a system for educators to improve collaboration, providing better education to students.

Weekly team meetings

ConnectWise Control can be used to improve collaboration for short-term goals, as well. Educators are often mentored by more experienced teachers, but those mentors are not always in the same school. During planning periods, mentors can communicate with their mentees in other locations using ConnectWise Control and show them how to use available resources or introduce them to new ones. ConnectWise Control also allows daily communication between teams, which promotes the development of better educators.

ConnectWise Control's collaboration systems are an excellent way to improve the communication quality between teams, and if your team needs better collaborations tools, ConnectWise Control should be your first choice.

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