Here are 5 remote support tool must-haves

| By: Jeff Bishop

Thinking about adding a new remote support solution to your business’s wish list this season?  Before you decide on your final choice, take a moment to make sure it offers these five game-changing capabilities.

1. Is it all-inclusive?

A remote support tool that claims it’s the total package should have everything included, so you pay for everything you need and nothing you don’t.

2. Are upgrades forced or optional?

Look for a tool that offers full functionality without mandatory updates.

3. How does licensing work?

Licenses should span devices and versions, and provide you with anytime anywhere access to ensure your team is always able to work efficiently.

4. Does it allow for customization?

A solid remote support solution should include white-labeling capabilities so you can make it look like a seamless extension of your company’s website.

5. Is it integrative?

Any remote support solution worth its salt should facilitate third-party extensions that equip it with added functionality. Make sure your solution of choice offers an extensions library.

We designed ConnectWise Control® to support all five of these capabilities and much more, in addition to solving for solution-based needs and allowing for multiple deployment methods and licenses that range from on-premise to the cloud. Can your other remote support choices do that?