3 benefits of the translation extension in ConnectWise Control

| By: Jeff Bishop

As an IT manager, you need fast solutions and customizable software programs that make daily operations easier. Extensions offer a great way to add additional functionality and solve common problems. They are meant to be quick workarounds or immediate solutions.

One extension that many businesses love is the translation extension that allows users to view website content in their native language. The translation extension is an easy way to ensure customers everywhere can read your content. Here are the details you should know about the translation extension for ConnectWise Control®.

Multiple localizations

Extension can contain .resx resource files, where multiple localizations can be easily implemented. In order to facilitate the production of these resource files, an extension exists. The Translation Extension Builder assists with the production of new translations for ConnectWise Control. This means you can adapt your website to every international market you operate in.

Speed and efficiency

Once the Translation Extension Builder is installed, you’re able to use the "Create Translation Extension" option to quickly create a new translation. All you have to do is select the language you want text translated to, your author name, and the extension version. You can even choose the regional dialect you need, if there’s one available.

This process is much faster than translating entire websites manually. The ability to simply choose several options from a menu means you can quickly and efficiently translate your site into every language you need, including Dutch, German, and Chinese.


The best part of the translation extension is that it works automatically. Once you’ve set it up, the extension detects the user’s operating system and web browser language to match your website to their language. Go ahead and select all of the languages you can. This way, customers in any language understand what you offer them.

Extensions make it possible to increase the functionality of your favorite programs. The large number of ConnectWise Control extensions available ensure you maximize the possibilities of a highly customizable remote access tool.