ConnectWise ScreenConnect: A Year of Milestones and a Look Ahead

| By:
Cristina Mateescu

Reflecting on 2023, ConnectWise ScreenConnectTM and ConnectWise Access ManagementTM took significant strides, enhancing the robustness and agility of IT support systems. Our commitment to seamless integration and powerful extensions has reinforced the way industries such as education, financial services, manufacturing, retail and restaurants, and sports and entertainment leverage remote support technologies. Together with our partners, we've crafted solutions that not only address the unique challenges of these diverse sectors but also set the stage for continuous innovation.

The forthcoming features and improvements for 2024 are poised to redefine how our partners leverage technology, ensuring that ConnectWise ScreenConnect remains synonymous with cutting-edge remote support. We are excited to unveil these advancements as we continue to adapt and anticipate the evolving needs of the IT landscape.

Let's dive into the progress we've made and the exciting developments that lie ahead.

Navigating the Highs of 2023: ConnectWise ScreenConnect's Trailblazing Achievements

Unprecedented Performance Uplift

We kicked off 2023 with a bang, focusing intently on performance enhancements. Our efforts paid off, enabling us to support instances with 150,000 endpoints—a monumental leap from the 25,000 we handled just a few years back.

Customization Reimagined

2023 marked a year where customization become more than a feature—it became a cornerstone of the ScreenConnect experience. With over 1400 customizable resources now at your fingertips, introducing search and filter options has simplified the customization process, allowing for a seamless and personalized adaptation of ScreenConnect to your business’s unique branding and operation needs. Learn more

Enhanced Virtual Desktop Integration

Tackling the complexity of virtual desktop infrastructure, we’ve refined our search capabilities to effortlessly locate user sessions across multiple terminal environments. No matter where a user logs in, ScreenConnect now swiftly pinpoints their location, drastically reducing the time it takes to offer assistance in multi-server landscapes.

Comprehensive Android Device Management

In a significant leap forward, ScreenConnect’s capabilities have expanded, now bringing comprehensive control to devices running Android 7 and above. This pivotal update empowers IT professionals to manage, view, and interact with Android mobile devices and point-of-sale systems with unparalleled efficiency, paving the way for seamless support and operational continuity. Learn more

2024: A Glimpse into What’s Coming for ConnectWise ScreenConnect

Get ready to embark on a journey into the future of ScreenConnect in 2024. Explore these key highlights—it’s just the tip of the iceberg in a year packed with exciting innovations.

Elevating File Management

As we surge into 2024, we’re enhancing the Backstage experience. Already a hit among tech enthusiasts, Backstage is gearing up for an exciting upgrade with the Backstage File Manager. Get ready for seamless in-session file transfers with drag-and drop and copy-paste functionalities. It’s a turbo boost waiting to supercharge your workflow!

Expanding Resolution Control

Picture this: the ability for technicians to wield precise control over resolution settings on Mac and Linux platforms. This empowers technicians to customize and optimize display resolutions, ensuring a seamless user experience across diverse IT environments.

Streamlining with Intuitive Tools

We understand that not everyone is an SQL expert. That's why we're introducing a filter expression editor designed to streamline the creation of the expressions that define session groups and triggers, saving you time and hassle.

ConnectWise Access Management: Securing and Simplifying 2023

Embracing the Principle of Least Privilege with Access Management

2023 was a year of fortifying security without compromising the user experience. By introducing advanced tools designed to implement the principle of least privilege, we ensured that users received access tailored to their specific roles—no more, no less. This approach significantly mitigated potential security risks by minimizing the attack surface and preventing unauthorized access.

Furthermore, our Access Management solution went beyond just restricting access; it enabled IT administrators to quickly and securely manage user permissions, facilitating a dynamic and responsive environment. The system's granular controls allowed for real-time adjustments to access levels, ensuring that productivity remained high without compromising on security.

With these improvements, organizations could not only enhance their security posture but also streamline operational efficiency. As we continue into 2024, ConnectWise Access Management will keep evolving, offering even more robust features to protect and empower your IT landscape.

ConnectWise Access Management: Integration Success Stories

Our integration with ConnectWise RMMTM and ConnectWise PSATM streamlined the configuration process, allowing for more efficient management of user permissions and elevations.

Looking to 2024 with ConnectWise Access Management: Enhancing User Control and Insights

This year, we're set to bring you an enhanced reporting dashboard for Access Management and new auditing capabilities to keep you informed and in control.

Extensions and Integrations: Connectivity Redefined in 2023

Partnering with Giants

2023 saw us integrate with Splunk and Microsoft Teams, enhancing monitoring and collaboration capabilities across the board.

Simplifying Connectivity

From the RESTful API extension to the Dynamic Custom Properties, we've been on a mission to provide you with tools that make managing sessions and resources as seamless as possible.

What's Next? A Sneak Peek at 2024

We're not slowing down. In 2024, we’ll be unveiling exciting enhancements in extensions and integrations. Expect to see a revamped Security Toolkit UI, more robust integrations with IT Boost, and even faster file transfers directly from the host page.

2024: An Innovative Year Ahead

As we’ve travelled through the milestones of 2023 and offered a sneak peek into the possibilities of 2024, consider this your ticket to a year filled with innovation. The curtain is rising, and the show is just beginning–stay tuned for a spectacular year ahead.