Advance IT in Education: Secure, Agile, Accessible

Elevate IT support across your educational landscape with ConnectWise ScreenConnect™. Discover seamless device management and top-tier cybersecurity for academia's unique challenges.

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Power tools for education

Secure anywhere access

Effortless and encrypted access across all devices, ensuring data privacy and safe remote learning. 

Universal compatibility

Use one solution for Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile. Simplify IT with universal support. 

Instant IT response

Rapid remote access to resolve issues instantly, keeping education on track with minimal downtime. 

Seamless integration

Plug into existing systems with ease. Enhance workflows without the overhaul. 

Smart licensing

Flexible and affordable plans tailored for educational budgets. Opt for what best suits your institution. 

Simplified device management

Manage and update devices hassle-free, ensuring they're always classroom-ready. 

ConnectWise View™
See more, solve faster
  • Direct insight with device camera: Empower technicians to view issues firsthand through the user's device camera, offering unmatched clarity in troubleshooting. 
  • Seamless issue resolution: Accelerate diagnostics and solutions with live visual assistance, turning users into active participants throughout the support process. 
  • Privacy-first support: Deliver critical support while upholding your technician's privacy, ensuring trust and safety in educational technology assistance. 
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ConnectWise Access Management™
Unlocking new horizons in educational IT cybersecurity
  • Privileged access management perfected: Streamline secure access with least-privilege controls to enhance user experience.   
  • Secure administrative login: Provide credential-less admin access with single-use, encrypted logins and automatic disabling, elevating productivity and cybersecurity. 
  • Effortless elevated access: Simplify granting permissions through direct end user elevation requests from the UAC prompt, ensuring seamless and secure access.  
  • Audit and approvals: Ensure transparency with audit logs and seamless, secure access approvals. 
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