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How One Financial SaaS Provider Was Able to Create Value

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On the surface, RiskVal doesn’t fit the mold of a typical ConnectWise partner. Started in 2001 by CEO Jordan Hu, RiskVal Financial Solutions, LLC, is a New York-based global supplier of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for financial institutions for pre-trade analysis, and risk and portfolio management. Their client base includes some of the biggest banks and hedge funds in the world, including clients from the S&P 500 list.

While they don’t offer the traditional services and support that a managed service provider (MSP) would, they still provide product support and implementation services for their software to help users better utilize their solutions. They also experience the same issues with solutions as an MSP, such as keeping up with consistently providing quality service, changing customer behavior, and more.

Before 2011, old remote support tools were routinely hampering RiskVal product expansion to new markets. To streamline the support and product demo processes, RiskVal needed a more reliable and robust solution.
RiskVal set out to find a new remote solution that offered greater customization and the more efficient prospect of client support.
RiskVal has since been able to provide an improved and beneficial customer experience that further expanded its client base globally.

“Supporting our client base with the staff in different locations we have would be impossible without tools like ScreenConnect.”

- Dima Yedynak, Business Operations Manager, RiskVal

A Unique Use of Remote Support Solutions

A big part of the RiskVal onboarding process is personalized demos of their software. “Our solutions are fairly complex,” says Dima Yedynak, Business Operations Manager for RiskVal. “So, a demo is pretty much a requirement.” As you could imagine, in-person demos aren’t feasible for every client, especially in today’s world, and it certainly wouldn’t be scalable. This is where the remote support tool comes in.

Before 2011, RiskVal had used various services to run their demos and had subpar results with each if they were even able to do the demo as tools would routinely get blocked.

“When it comes to adopting new technology, financial institutions are a bit more conservative,” Dima says. “These solutions have to go through rigorous testing for compliance purposes, which can take a significant amount of time, and it delays the deployment of the solution that users need ‘yesterday’.”

As you’d expect, RiskVal needed to find a better alternative. Demos are a necessary step in RiskVal’s onboarding process, and if remote support tools are consistently blocked, they could lose a client. It was time to look for a new reliable and trusted solution, and they found it in ScreenConnect.

Finding a Better Way

What helped ScreenConnect really stand out to RiskVal was that they could host it themselves. By hosting on their own servers, RiskVal was able to customize its use of the software to fit their exact needs.

“It gives us the flexibility to design the tool as we need it to be. That allows RiskVal to focus more on 24/5 customer service,” says Jordan Hu. When a client has an issue with the software, they can ping the RiskVal team, and an analyst can seamlessly solve the clients’ issue in real-time.

“We can email screenshots back and forth hundreds of times, or we can communicate with the client and solve the problem on the spot,” says Jordan. That streamlined support approach has allowed the RiskVal team to focus on providing a better customer experience, and it’s paying off.

ScreenConnect gave the right push to RiskVal to become a global company. They've been able to continually demonstrate the value of their software and services to a client base that’s been more than willing to spread the word, which has led to more business for RiskVal.

“It gives us the flexibility to design the tool as we need it to be. That allows RiskVal to focus more on 24/5 customer service.”

- Jordan Hu, CEO, RiskVal

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