Why custom branding matters for remote support solutions

| By: Jeff Bishop

If you’re like most companies, you aren’t in this alone. You rely on software and solutions that help you work smarter and deliver the service and support your customers count on.

Getting to know you

Your long-term success is all about developing lasting customer relationships based on trust. That means establishing yourself as an expert, a trusted advisor, and a reliable source of support and service. A subtle way to both build and reinforce that trust is through branding.

Branding? Really?

Absolutely. Customizing your solutions to reinforce your own brand helps you remind your customers in small, subtle ways that you’re there for them. That’s why the best solutions enable administrators to customize or white-label software so that customers see YOU.

Brand matters

Your brand is the symbol of everything your company represents, and it helps customers associate their positive experiences with all of your hard work. When your supporting elements—like your remote support solution—are branded to match your company, you’re taking advantage of an opportunity to visually link your company to your customers’ issue resolution.

So why does it matter to you specifically? Customizing your remote support solutions to match your brand means that every time you connect to your customers, they see your brand. They become familiar, then fond of that brand (since you keep solving their problems) and are more likely to become loyal, long-term customers. And that means a better bottom line for you.

On the lookout

If your company is still looking for a system that allows custom branding for customer-facing support, your search is over. Branding and remote support go hand-in-hand to build a lasting relationship with your customers, and ScreenConnect, now ConnectWise Control® offers the white-labeling you need to maximize your brand presence.