Automatically Scan Customer Endpoint Devices with Remote Endpoint Management

Know when customer devices need attention

As a TSP with dozens, if not hundreds of customer sites under management, it’s impossible to manually scan all endpoint devices to check for performance and security issues. ConnectWise Control Access Endpoint Management handles the continuous process of monitoring all endpoints across geographically dispersed networks -- alerting you when an issue is detected.

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Real-time alerts

Now, you can automatically scan all customer endpoint devices to check for performance and/or security-related issues. ConnectWise Control Access Endpoint Monitoring can trigger automatic alerts when an endpoint needs attention, so you can remotely connect to quickly remedy the problem.

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Uninterrupted support

With ConnectWise Control Endpoint Monitoring, you can make command-line updates, run scripts, move files, and perform many other maintenance tasks on any endpoint device whether or not the user is present—and without disruption to that user. 

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Filtered endpoint views

From a single view by account, or across multiple accounts, ConnectWise Control Access Endpoint Monitoring enables you to organize and filter endpoint devices as you choose—by health status, threat level, location, or otherwise—to quickly determine which ones need your immediate attention.

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Remote agent deployment

Establish permanent, persistent connections to unattended machines en masse, across one or more customer sites to save time and resources.

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Background management

Successfully resolve technical issues on attended devices, or on unattended devices “behind the scenes” without disrupting end users.

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