Modern tools to secure, monitor, and control access across an environment without shared admin credentials.

ConnectWise Access Management

Privileged Access Management Software to Secure Your Network

Eliminate shared admin passwords and enhance cybersecurity with a PAM solution built for least privilege access control.

Elevate Control, Eliminate Complexity

Least-Privilege Precision

Tailor access securely with precise access control.

Credential-Free Login

Single-use access with encrypted credentials that expire upon logout.

Direct UAC Response

Grant permissions effortlessly, right from the prompt.

Transparent Oversight

Full visibility with real-time audit logs and swift approvals.

Stay Ahead of Advanced Threats

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  • Compliance Powerhouse: Effortlessly meets industry standards like NIST, Essential 8, and Cyber Essentials with our standalone or integrated PAM solution
  • Real-Time Response: Respond instantly to elevation requests and manage permissions in real-time
  • Always Evolving: Stay agile with a PAM solution that evolves faster than threats

USD 4.45M



Global cost of breaches in 2023*   Increase security investments post-breach*

*According to the 2023 IBM report: The Cost of a Data Breach Report.

Empower Security, Elevate Efficiency: Take Control With ConnectWise Access Management

Implement a zero-trust policy

Set least-privilege controls to efficiently manage customer’s access without compromising security. 

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Eliminate shared administrative credentials

Create a single-use ephemeral user with an encrypted password that is never disclosed, providing safe and easy admin access. 

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Review elevation requests manually or automatically

Manually approve or deny end user elevation requests in real-time without a remote session or phone call, or set rules to automatically approve common requests.

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Real-time threat detection

Integrate the VirusTotal for instant file validation and proactive protection against cyber threats.

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Improve end-user experience

Set least-privilege controls to create seamless approvals for end-users without compromising security.

Track admin login requests

Easily review time-stamped requests and responses in the audit log. 

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ConnectWise RMM™

Enhance endpoint security seamlessly using RMM policies to deploy and configure Access Management.

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ConnectWise PSA™

Simplify service desk tasks with seamless integration for creating elevation and admin login request tickets.

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Slack and Microsoft Teams

Manage on the go – approve/deny requests instantly from Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Get more benefits with a full ConnectWise ScreenConnect™ integration*

Save time with credential-less admin login

Techs can approve their own elevation of admin login requests, eliminating the risky practice of shared credentials.

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Generate approvals from host client

Approve elevation or administrative login requests from a notification bar within the host client, never leaving the context of the session.

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Manage seamless remote sessions

Conduct remote support or remote access sessions without entering administrative credentials.

*Must have both ConnectWise PSA™ + ConnectWise ScreenConnect™ licenses


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